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Seawell Art Gallery

Welcome to Seawell, a unique art gallery located in the district of Poble Nou in Barcelona, created by the multidisciplinary artist Martiga in 2019.


Seawell is the result of an exciting personal project by Martiga, who longed for a space to express and materialize her creativity. Here, you can immerse yourself in her artistic world, where jewelry and painting merge into captivating works.

We have our own studio where all the pieces displayed on our website and in the store are crafted. Each detail is carefully conceived and elaborated with dedication, ensuring that every artwork conveys unique emotions to those who contemplate it.

In our gallery, art comes to life, and it's common to find Martiga immersed in the creation of her paintings and jewelry. So don't be surprised if, when you visit us, you find her in the midst of the creative process of some of her works.


Seawell is essentially a meeting point for those who seek to connect with the authenticity of the local and the human through various art disciplines.

Our gallery is a space where the stories of everyday life and contemporary concerns intertwine with artistic creativity.

¡We hope to see you soon in our gallery!

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